My Actions

We are a team of entrepreneurs from the Greater Geneva (Switzerland and France). We have a shared passion for innovation. We came together to co-create products and services, create links, identify synergies and contribute to the endogenous growth of the region. We create and animate third-places and eco-fablabs to support the development of local entrepreneurial activities to undertake. Our group is non-political, non-religious, open to all who love innovate and co-create together. This place will be a welcoming space, warm, open, practical, multicultural, located in a city center, connected with other areas of the same type.


A place where students, mentors and citizens form a community to learn, support each other and have fun. They engange in sports, train together for educational tests, practise drama theater and help mothers to believe in their learning dreams.



Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust wants to create a thriving, vibrant mixed community, building on the existing creativity, energy and commitment within the community, where people from all walks of life can live, work and play. Our vision for Granby Four Streets is a neighbourhood which:

• Has streets full of plants, creating the greenest quarter in the city

• Is architecturally rich, with imaginative renovations of Victorian terraces

• Is a thriving multi-cultural, multi-racial area

• Is sociable, safe and welcoming

• Has an arts and social hub with a community café

• Continues to organise and further develop its own monthly market.



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