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With about 70 cultural facilities, the MuseumsQuartier Wien is one of the largest art and culture complexes in the world. The many courtyards, ­cafés, and shops throughout the complex lend it the additional quality of being an urban living room and an oasis of calm and recreation in the middle of the city.

Our residency program invites talented international artists to Thailand to work on a wide range of collaborative projects that both benefit their own artistic practice and the art community of Bangkok

Who Are We? Artlords is a grassroots, art for social change movement. It has a broad social activist and volunteers base. The Artlords platform is an open stage for people to express their concern about social, political, economical and cultural issues. It embodies the voice for the voiceless. What We Do? Initiate alternative ways of problem solving. Finding solution in the heart of the problem. Promote critical thinking Peace building through understanding and mutual respect. Reintroduce lost values that defined Afghanistan as united & proud nation. Support empowerment and responsibility.

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