My Actions

FARO is a cultural centre and training facility located in the Iztapalapa borough of Mexico City. It's purpose is to provide alternatives to gangs and drug addiction as well as promote experiences in self-organization, time management, creativity and community development. FARO engages local people in co-organising the security around local events, reducing the need for police involvement and creating a gang-free zones.

Who Are We? Artlords is a grassroots, art for social change movement. It has a broad social activist and volunteers base. The Artlords platform is an open stage for people to express their concern about social, political, economical and cultural issues. It embodies the voice for the voiceless. What We Do? Initiate alternative ways of problem solving. Finding solution in the heart of the problem. Promote critical thinking Peace building through understanding and mutual respect. Reintroduce lost values that defined Afghanistan as united & proud nation. Support empowerment and responsibility.

Inspired by the idea if creating a contemporary art area and with the purpose of introducing applicable art to the public, Alternative Art Area (3A), a project of Man Nghi Company, has been created in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. Withing the 2000 square meter area, 3A is a collective of three warehouses offering art and design spaces, boutiques, cafes, consignment shops and event space for charity events. 3A also has a place for recurring, community activities such as an art “flea” market, antique market, performances, fashion shows, etc. 3A will continuously host these types of activities to promote emerging and established artists and develop a vibrant art scene. The 3A- Alternative Art Area is introduced as a part of the exhibition “Creativity and the Cities”

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