Creative Cluster / Hub Manager toolkit


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A step-by-step guide to the elements of human-centered design, specifically adapted for NGOs and social enterprises working with low-income communities around the globe. Through a series of methods, activities and resources, the toolkit can empower individuals and organizations to become designers themselves and enable change in their own communities.


Collectively, we can tell a powerful story about the value of public investment in arts and culture. The Advocacy Toolkit is designed to help you reach out to audiences to tell a story about the value and impact of public investment in arts and culture, from both a local and national perspective.


Shared_Studios is a multidisciplinary arts, design, and technology collective. We ground the connective potential of technology in physical spaces to create environments in which distant people can naturally converse, collaborate, and play. We envision wormholes throughout the world, carved by an Internet you can walk through.



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