Creative Cluster / Hub Manager toolkit


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An open space for collaboration, design fiction and social innovation developed and run at Columbia University. Fieldbooks capture design and storytelling experiments at our live events. These are wonderful resources for collaborative design, new forms and functions of storytelling and play. Each fieldbook is edited, written and designed by the Learn Do Share community.


The Interior Design Manual has been created to support those wanting to set up and design a work hub.  It considers all the key issues such as location, use of interior space and design, as well as the key skills and expertise that may be required to transform a redundant space into a vibrant work hub.

A free online Interior Design Manual for Devon Work Hubs has been developed by Tilt, an award winning company, who have an international reputation for designing great work hubs and coworking spaces.



Collectively, we can tell a powerful story about the value of public investment in arts and culture. The Advocacy Toolkit is designed to help you reach out to audiences to tell a story about the value and impact of public investment in arts and culture, from both a local and national perspective.


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